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I'm not even sure if I'm going to be active here, I mostly lurk around and I'll only post once in a while. But if you want to be my friend, I'd be really glad! Please comment here, stating a little introduction about yourself; your interests and why do you add me, etc, and I'll add you back :)

A little bit about me:
• Female, 19, Muslim from Bandung, Indonesia
• Currently studying in med school (but sucks at it)
• I'll post my drawings/wip/sketches here
• I LOVE Houshin Engi, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Samurai 7, Eyeshield 21.
• You can find me on Tumblr (updated every day), deviantART, and Twitter.

I think that's all. Don't worry, I'm nice and I don't bite! :D Banner made by me, art is from here.

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Gorgeous Chou Koumei

Why you should read Houshin Engi?

It’s hella good series, but why people aren’t interested? There are… quite many reasons.

  • It’s old; 1996. Older than One Piece, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter or Bleach. “Why would I read such old series? It’s not cool.”
  • Secondly, artworks. Fujisaki has unique art style to the point some people cannot stand it. Extra large shoes and gloves, looong eyelashes? You might find it weird and annoying at the first, but trust me, it’ll eventually grows on you.
  • Sudden world introduction that makes readers confused easily. I believe many readers lost interest just in few chapters because of this reason…
  • A lot of characters with hard-to-remember names! “What is the name of that guy who just died again?”
  • Lacking of romances. Taikoubou himself, I believe, is pretty much asexual. There are canon pairings, but not much.

During my discussion with kaze-hime (well, more like Q&A session), she pointed out the reasons perfectly well, as you can see below the cut.

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Samurai 7 Fanarts

Some fanarts I did not long ago :) I fell in love with Samurai 7 again after re-watching it for the third time, and I just finished re-watching it again last week, so I have re-watched it for four times xD I just love it so much like that. Anyways, enjoy my-not-so-improved-after-years-art!

Preview first~

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