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Tsarevich Samovar
♫ Little things about me.
♫ Fandoms & Interests
I am your average college girl who has a high interest with Russia; whether it's Russian literature, classic music, culture or even Russian people. I love cats, and have three cats altogether; they're Kiara, Caramel, Farfalle, and Fiori. I consider sleep as one of the most essential activity in my life, and so I spent most of my holiday sleeping. :D Currently trying doing my best (not really) at medical school. I also love reading manga; I can't live without them!

I'm not a concerned thinker, I prefer to make things simple. Lastly, I enjoy commissioning great artists and spend my money for them. :D

Current Fandom: Houshin Engi
Current OTP: Young!Bunchuu x Shushi & Hiko x Bunchuu ♥

Interests: Too many to mention... Firstly first, Russia (but not the Hetalia Russia), cats, and classical music. There're many composers that I am fond of, but my top 4 are: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Domenico Dragonetti, Antonin Dvorak, and Johann Strauss II. I listen to many types of music, beside classical, my favorite band is Bon Jovi. I also listen to pop opera singer like Il Divo, or folk like Alexander Rybak. J-Pop? That'd definitely be CHEMISTRY. I also collect almost everything related to Disney's Stitch.
Due too many activities in real life; medical school (it explains almost everything, I guess). I also spend most of my time on the Indonesian text-based RPG Forums, such as Black Order Headquarters, Gotei 13, Aria Academy and at romanca_love as Roman Pavlovich.

But this doesn't mean I will leave forever... I will be back, just not so soon. Just note me at DeviantART, drop me a message on Tumblr, or poke me at Y!M if you want to talk to me, don't be hesitate :>

Houshin Engi mood theme © kohda

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Vodete & Kagura

"И узнаешь ты, как я тебя люблю.
И под небом января оживут лишь для тебя,
все цветы Земли, все слова любви, что знаю я."
-- And you will know how much I love you.
And under sky of January all the flowers of the Earth,
all the words of love that I know will revive just for you.

~ Vodete Radimirovich Vladislav, to his wife

Maksim & Klara
"I know that our height differences is ridiculously huge... I know that we got so many opposite things that sometimes get in our way... But one thing you should know, Klara, that my love to you, this deep feeling of mine to you, is absolute."

~ Maksim Kasimirovich

Shreizag & Ingressa

When I dance with you the winter turns to spring
When I dance with you the night's no longer cold
Because of the warmth that yout body brings
As my naked shoulder you black-gloved palm holds
And up to the light as by an angel's wings
New spaces opened full of passions wild and bold
When I dance with you it's no more the music, the sway
It's just the melody our bodies play, talks our bodies say
When I dance with you the love I feel's so strong
As if the daffodils reach its full-growth in winter's ice
Or Botticelli's spirit calls the fume of April's season
When I dance with you it might be so wrong
Like most faults and sins, at first tasted just nice
When conscience's mischief reigns over all reasons
But I won't let go this sensation new
The love awakened when I dance with you

All pictures credits to Depinz @ dA, poem belongs to Sereisa @ dA, song belongs to Alexander Rybak's Ya Ne Veryu V Chudesa

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Eyeshield 21 Blogcrew Marco

I'm Hata Rokurou in the ES21 LJ Crew!
Anyone recognized Hata-kun already? XD

EYESHIELD 21 CREW → ✭ Kaitani Riku ✭

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Yakitate!! Japan, Spencer Henley Hokou [Shachihoko] Fan
Damn, he's the cutest guy ever! If only there was someone like him in real life... ♥

Fighting not for fame, nor wealth; the greatest samurai

You found me, and I'm grateful

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